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Welcome to ITPartsHelp, we are proud to provide the best service, highest quality parts as well as ink/toner for the IT industry. Please click around, if you have any questions about any of our products please don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to help you save time and money locating the correct part for your Data Center, Server, Desktop, Laptop, Printer, or Point-Of-Sale products.

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Look to ITPartsHelp for computer deals on Notebooks, Printers, Printer Ink/Toner, Servers, and Desktops. We supply parts for all major manufactures such as Apple, Brother, Cisco, Lenovo, Lexmark, Sun, HP Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Toshiba, Gateway, Intel, Acer, Xerox and many more. As seen on New Egg, PCM, Amazon, Ebay, SHI, CDW and Office Depot.

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Education Sector Sees Massive Surge in Intrusions
A new threat report from data security firm CrowdStrike found that criminals engaging in intrusion into information systems are getting much more efficient at what they do. It also found that intrusions into academic systems are soaring. The report, Nowhere To Hide, 2021 Threat Hunting Report: Insights from the CrowdStrike Falcon OverWatch Team, found that, on the efficiency side, it takes an intruder significantly less time to begin moving into other systems on the network once they've made the initial breach — now just 1 hour and 32 minutes, down from four hours and 37 minutes in the prev..
Caring for Educators is the First Step in Serving Students
By Kevin E. Baird Meta-analyst Dr. John Hattie, whose work on “visible learning” draws from one of the largest sets of research data ever assembled, asks the simple question, “What makes the biggest difference in educational outcomes?” Year after year, the findings are the same. Teachers’ self-confidence ranks at the very top of the highest-impact factors for learning. The idea for a book I co-wrote, Whole: What Teachers Need to Help Students Thrive, began with a provocative finding: teachers are the fourth-most stressed occupation in the United States. According to Gallup, more than one..
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